Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tuscany

Cycling tours of Tuscany are a great way to see the highlights of one of the best regions in Italy. Biking allows visitors to combine adventure travel in Italy with seeing the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Cycling tours range from package tours that last multiple days or weeks to day tours where you can rent a bike for a few hours. Package cycling tours of Tuscany can be inclusive of everything from flights to Italy to trains and buses to starting points, guided tours, detailed daily cycling routes with maps and directions, accommodation, and food.

They can also exclude some or all of those things, particularly flights and ground transportation to the start of the cycling tour, so check to see what is included when booking a cycling tour or comparing different tour packages.

It’s also important to check whether the cycling tour is guided or if it lets tour members go at their own pace with route maps. Regardless, tours usually include a van and driver that transports luggage and non-cycling tour members from city to city.

Less inclusive cycling tours include day tours of Tuscany. These range from bike tours of Florence to cycling tours on loop circuits around Siena, Pisa, and other towns in the regoin.

Day bike rentals and cycling tours usually only include the cycle rental, so you have more flexibility to choose your own accommodation, restaurants, and other bookings.

Whatever cycling tour of Tuscany you choose, make sure to check if the package includes important extras like travel insurance, travel health insurance, helmets, cycling shoes, and emergency repair kits.