St Albans Christmas Market

Christmas Market
Christmas Market

The annual St Albans Christmas market is taking place this year from late November to late December.

The market is set to be part of a seasonal village centred around the 11th-century cathedral and Vintry Garden. St Albans has had a street market for over 1,000 years, but this year is the first time it will be host to a European-style Christmas market.

The St Albans Christmas market itself will feature 40 traditional wooden chalets selling German Christmas decorations and gifts, as well as all kinds of festive food and drink. The green triangle in Sumpter Yard will be dedicated to chalets serving a range of Christmas foods, including sausages, mulled wine, gingerbread, and chestnuts.

Music will feature prominently, and the cathedral’s festive events include a daily programme of entertainment with Christmas songs ranging from traditional seasonal carols to candlelight rock choirs and Dickensian music by the St Albans Operatic Society.

There will also be guided walks throughout the City, beginning at the St Albans Town Hall at 2pm every Saturday during the Christmas Market. Guides will give an overview of the history of the UK’s Christmas traditions and St Albans as a city. Tours will end at the Christmas market.

The launch of the St Albans Christmas market will take place in late November at Market Place. The festivities will begin at 5pm and go until 8pm. They will feature festivities at the entrance to Christopher Place at 6pm and 7.30pm, as well as ice walkers, Christmas light jugglers, and festive fairies between Market Place and the Christmas market.

Father Christmas will also be in St Albans for the three weeks, until late December. A house and grotto by the cathedral are being especially built for him, and children can visit him throughout the season.

Top 10 Things to Do in Salcombe, Devon

Seaside in Salcombe
Salcombe Coast

Salcombe is one of the most popular seaside towns in Devon, and it has some of the most expensive holiday homes in England. The town’s colorful houses, abundance of boats, and pretty beaches draw holidaymakers from around the UK, many of whom visit regularly. For first-timers or veteran visitors looking for some new ideas, below are my top 10 things to do in Salcombe.

1. Explore the shops and restaurants along the waterfront and the high street.

2. Go sailing. Salcombe is famous for it, and there are plenty of opportunities for all skill and ability levels.

3. Take the South Sands Ferry to South Sands beach. The colourful ferry meets a unique sea tractor on the beach that helps passengers get to dry land at low tide.

4. Walk along the coastal trail to Bolt Head, taking in the beautiful seaside coves and craggy rocks along the way.

5. Try the honeycomb ice cream from the Salcombe Dairy shop on the high street.

6. Tour Overbecks Museum and Garden, an Edwardian house in Sharpitor that is now a National Trust property.

7. Walk to North Sands beach and have lunch by the sea at the famous Winking Prawn restaurant.

8. Take the ferry across the estuary and walk to Gara Rock.

9. Paddle up the estuary towards the Millbrook Inn or Frogmore for beautiful views.

10. Have a seafood dinner overlooking the beach on the deck of the South Sands Hotel.

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