Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Taking a train from Cinque Terre to Genoa is a great way to travel in the Liguria region when you are visiting Italy.

Trains depart from all five towns of Cinque Terre, but to get a direct train for the lowest price it is best to leave from Monterosso al Mare train station. Trains run up to twice an hour at peak times, and most services are direct from Monterosso.

Upon arrival in Genoa, most trains stop at multiple stations, with the final destination of either Genoa Piazza Principe (PP) or Genoa Brignole (BRIG) train station.

There are two types of trains from Cinque Terre to Genoa: InterCity (IC) trains and Regional trains. Both are operated by Trenitalia.

InterCity trains are faster but more expensive (although you can book online in advance for a discount), while Regional trains are a bit slower but less expensive.

The travel time from Cinque Terre to Genoa is 1 hour and 21 minutes on InterCity trains and up to 2 hours and 1 minute on Regional trains.

The cost of a train ticket on InterCity trains is 12.00 euros for first class and 9.50 euros for second class. You can get discounts by booking at least 7 days in advance online.

The cost of a train ticket on Regional trains is 6.60 euros for second class (there is no first class). You can purchase tickets for Regional trains from Cinque Terre to Genoa at the train station prior to departure.